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24.07.2010 - 10:25 IP: gespeichert

In the Infi, (EI chose consultation, and will start using ZZ flow TeD little of course not. 2 after the explosion, TeD began ZZ coffin + mince, car pulls forces on the tough slowly encroached on Infi troops. Infi are unwilling to lag behind The Times, the organization of farmers, but also in the maintenance points, could resist ore whose car was hurt mince. While the mince Infi of TeD car all the time, a wow gold wave of TeD ZZ destruction has come. Only three points of ore Infi only continued spelling die wow po army defense. Finally, although Infi very essence to surround close, but in the DK will rise to 5 when DK once learned contract ZZ ate a half to restore the blood, Infi had played GG helpless.

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